6 Ingredients and 6 outstanding benefits!

RapidLash® is rich in a multitude of highly effective ingredients that not only promote the appearance of more youthful, beautiful lashes and brows, but also help provide beneficial care and nourishment to lashes and brows.

Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year, again…to reflect on the year behind us and look forward to all of the amazing possibilities that are yours for the taking in the future. Some people saying keeping New Year’s resolutions can be hard, but we think…the more enjoyable the resolutions, the easier they are to keep! For 2018 […]

Are You Ready To Try Something New?

Most people are creatures of habit Let’s be honest, when it comes to everyday life, it’s not always easy to go out of your way, and out of your comfort zone, to actually try something new. Most people are creatures of habit, and once we settle into a routine it can be challenging to deviate […]

8 Things to NEVER Say to Clients (&...

Many of us have had at least one horror-like experience when sitting in a spa or salon chair. It can take just one bad utterance to leave a bad impression in the clients mind, making it likely that they will not return. Top offenders that should be left unsaid: Badmouth the Competition There is psychological scientific […]


Elevate Your Business

Being the manager of a successful salo...


We all have been there. You’re excit...

Microbeads, Be Gone

Do you know exactly what may be inside...