What our RapidLashers are saying!

“This product is truly outstanding.”

People keep asking if I have fake eyelashes on. RapidLash® is truly one of a kind and I would pay double what it costs!

Kathy Leavitt, MedAesthetic Salon & Day Spa

“I have been in the spa/beauty business for over 30 years and I have never seen a product work so effective, so fast, so well!”

Being at one of Alabama’s top Dermatology clinics I have had the opportunity to share with my patients the beauty of RapidLash®. The ingredients are effective for the lashes and brows. I LOVE your product and plan on sharing with every person I come in contact with in or away from the clinic the excitement that I have for this product.

Sherrie Martin, Cullman Dermatology

“Thanks for a terrific product and gorgeous lashes!”

I am an aesthetician working for a plastic surgeon in Florida. We have carried multiple eyelash enhancement products in our office, ranging in price as high as $150. We have been carrying RapidLash® for approximately six months. Our patients and staff members have found it to be just as effective, or more effective, than the higher priced lash products, with no reported adverse effects. We have recently decided to make RapidLash® our exclusive lash conditioner due to its affordable cost and great results. Thanks for a terrific product and gorgeous lashes!

Wyndee Harp, Licensed Aesthetician, William H. Frazier, M.D.

“RapidLash® is the most effective beauty product I have ever used.”

I have been using the serum nightly for 4 weeks and the results are incredible. I will continue to use RapidLash® and recommend it to all of my friends.

S. Corwin, Writer/Artist

“RapidLash® is a must-have product.”

About a year ago, I was looking for a product that would help my eyelashes look more radiant. At the time, my lashes were limp and thin and no mascara could change that. So, when I heard about a product called RapidLash, I figured I would give it a try. The product is so easy to apply and, after a few weeks, I noticed my lashes are now lush and stunning – I was so amazed! The results are truly fantastic and I get compliments everywhere I go on my lashes. People always stop me and ask if my eyelashes are real, that’s how wonderful they look. RapidLash is a must-have product and I would never go anywhere without it.

Risa Ulman, The Mermaid Blogger

“You can see how unbelievable they look.”

After years of attending wedding and parties, I grew tired of the glue-on variety of “falsies” that look great but tend to rip my lashes out. I was thrilled when a friend suggested RapidLash as a safe and painless alternative to my normally tedious routine. I started using RapidLash six weeks ago in preparation for a full calendar of events I plan to attend this season.
I was pleased to find that adding the product to my routine has been super easy: I take out my contacts at night and then I put it on. My lashes are naturally blonde and previously unimpressive. Since using RapidLash, you can see how unbelievable they look with the smallest amount of mascara. I love that people keep commenting on my beautiful eyelashes, and now I recommend this product to anyone that is dissatisfied with their lashes.

Jessica P, Rapidlasher