10 Tips Closer to #StressLess

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July 30, 2015

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Stress is something we are all familiar with. Small and big stressors alike can contribute to long-term feelings of fear, anxiety, or just plain fatigue. Stress is when our environment is throwing situations at us that is above our current comfort level. These stressors can be positive or negative. Negative stress can come from issues such as a deadline at work, a sick child, car troubles, or financial issues. Positive stressors include starting a new job, moving to a new place, or holidays. Repetitive negative stressors are the ones you should actively seek to reduce with some of the tools below, because these negative stressors are the leading contributor to the aging process not to mention your life satisfaction level. Luckily, if you start adding these little steps to your daily, weekly, and monthly routine you can work to get your stress levels lower than they’ve ever been.

1. Exercise

shutterstock_245011150i. This is the number one thing you can do for your body’s overall health; make sure to do a little each day, even if it just a few wall push-ups or 10 jumping jacks every morning. (Coming soon, “Total Body Mini-Workouts to Add to Your Day”) Everyone has a few minutes to get their heart rate up and blood pumping. Yoga is a gentle way to stretch and manipulate blood flow for the purpose of de-stressing and relaxation. My favorite yoga pose to energize and re-align is “Triangle Pose.” Suitable for all flexibility levels, this pose works to lengthen your spine.

2. “Start-the-day” routine, no matter when it starts

shutterstock_210545170i. This is something I started doing this year, and it has really made a difference in my morning stress levels and on my productivity every day. Your routine might include turning on your favorite morning show in the background, splashing your face with water, taking a few minutes to do your makeup, and then grabbing that smoothie before heading out. Timing this “start-the-day” routine may take a little trial-and-error to perfect, but the stress-reducing effects are worth it!

3. “Wind-down routine,” no matter when your day ends

shutterstock_206625799i. Your routine may include something as simple as applying your favorite scented lotion, washing your face, or using one of our raved-about products like RapidLash® or RapidBrow®! Knowing you are nourishing lusher-appearing lashes and bolder-looking brows will help you sleep all the more soundly.

I was notorious in college for going out with my friends for a night on the town and waking up the next morning, finding myself with all my make-up perfectly removed with a facemask on. Humorous as it is, I never had late-night excuses for not washing my face, so that I would be ready to take on the next day! I continue this practice, as I tend to feel better prepared for the day to come.

4. #Stressless Immediately

shutterstock_112803943i. There may be times when you are feeling so overwhelmed, you just have to take a break right then and there. Brainstorm some “immediate stress remedies” that you can bring into your life. For me, it is taking a walk, stretching, envisioning my happy place, going to the gym, making a cup of green tea, or listening to classical music.

shutterstock_158625692I want to caution those at associating foods with relaxation or stress reduction. Food, though comforting, should NOT replace de-stressors like exercising, stretching, mediating and the like. You don’t want to end up gaining weight over time because food becomes the source you go to when life gets to you.

 5. Look forward to something

shutterstock_192445094i. What do you have to look forward to tonight? This week? This month? Perhaps it is a yoga class that you can look forward to going to, a nice phone call that you’re planning on making, or a nice dinner you have planned. Whatever it is that you can look forward to, let it motivate you when times are especially tough.

6. Make someone else smile.

shutterstock_121852696i. Studies have shown that making others feel good can play a role in improving your own mood and overall satisfaction. How’s that for motivation? Throw out a complement, comment on how nice the day is, or think of something positive that you can share with someone. Shortly, your body will fall in line with your positive thinking.

7. Smell the Roses

shutterstock_259227167i. Do you have your favorite body lotion on hand? A candle that smells like fresh baked cookies? Aromatherapy oil with eucalyptus or lavender in it? Utilize the world of scents to elevate your mood. My favorite scent is Eucalyptus oil from Whole Foods that I rub on my neck every night before bed.

8. Embrace Nature


i. Fresh air and getting in tune with nature has long been a personal de-stressor of mine. Of course that is hard to do when the weather isn’t cooperating (I say as I sit in my office in New England, rainy and chilly in July, yes July). Take advantage of this method when the weather is in your favor.

9. Nourish your body wisely-

Learn to enjoy the benefits of nutrient-rich foods

shutterstock_177688145i. There are a few foods that are thought to improve mood. These items can be added to your diet every once in a while to help maintain happy-feelings throughout your week. Such foods include:
1. L-thiamine or green tea, (See “Matcha- What’s the Big Deal?”)
2. Oysters (full of zinc)
3. Tryptophan-rich foods like seeds/nuts, turkey, soy, lamb, beef, and fish!
4. Whole wheat bread or brown rice
5. Vitamin B-rich foods like leafy greens pork, beef, chicken
For more superfoods see “Eating #thesuperfoodway

10. Do something nice for yourself


shutterstock_284898863i. Treat yourself to gifts that will last. Pieces of art are beautiful to look at, and you should feel the same way when you look in the mirror. Unlike beautiful mascara which only delivers temporary results, get a RapidLash®, RapidBrow®, or a RapidHair™ to help enhance the youthfulness of your lashes, brows, and hair, respectively. The potent peptide, biotin, and panthenol-containing formula will help you transform your hair’s appearance and appearance of fullness over time. You can feel beautiful with your makeup on or off.

Gauge your hair’s health transformation over 6-8 weeks with before and after selfies. If you especially love your results, tell us about it on our testimonial outreach submission page.

Closing words:
For those of us that can’t adopt a dog right away or move to a villa in the tropics or Tuscany, aim at slowly transforming the environment that you currently live in. Whether that means which clothes you wear, the music you listen to, what foods you eat, or what products you use every day to make you feel good. At RapidLash®, we enjoy hearing the testimonies every day of men and women who have a positive experience with our products and continue to seek out our help on the way to maintaining the youthful-looking appearance of your hair, lashes, and brows. More importantly, we enjoy hearing about how we help contribute to your #StressLess life and your overall satisfaction with appearance.


Namaste, beauties.
Stress less tonight, and tell me about your favorite de-stressing tips/routines/rituals using #StressLess on our twitter: @RealRapidLash, instagram: @realrapidlash, and on FB.



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