4 Pro Tips to Brighten Your Eyes

September 9, 2014

There are a million reasons why we sometimes don’t get our full eight hours of sleep but the result is always the same. You wake up to eyes that appear small, red and puffy. Your ginormous RapidLashes help to make the eye look more open and a few well-placed cosmetics can make it look like you slept like a baby! Bella Brides tells us four easy ways to brighten up!

A Whisper of White
“Carefully put a little dot of white pencil right in the tear duct, then use your finger or a small brush to gently spread it out. The highlight brightens the inner eye where people tend to be a little dark. You can also use it over the lid before applying shadow to intensify the color of that shadow.”

For an extra color boost: “Simply put a couple of dots on your lid, blend it in, then toss your shadow on top! The pencils have a creamy consistency so when you use it followed by a powder shadow it grabs on and sets it. Just be careful not to make it so thick that it looks like milk!”

Less Drama, Same Effect
“Use a flesh colored liner pencil in the lower inside of the eye to brighten up and make the eye look bigger. This tone pencil is more subtle and looks more natural than putting white in the inner rim but it gives the same effect of brightening if you are tired. Everyone no matter what your skin tone can use this tip.”

Blend For a Brightening Boost
“Use a brown or black pencil and smudge it in the lash line and then you go in with the flesh tone in the inner rim on the bottom. When you use black liner in the inner rim on the bottom, it has the appearance of closing up the eye and creates a narrowed look.” This helps to reduce the look of red eyes due to a late night and brightens up all eye colors.

Shimmery Ducts
Keep that inner part of the eye lighter and brighter. Put a dab of shimmery gold or white right by the tear ducts. The effect is subtle and eye-opening.

Use these tips and no one will know that you stayed up all night drinking wine and watching Game of Thrones! Enjoy!

Shannon C., Lashing Out


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