Brides: Make Finding Your Perfect Dress a Snap

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November 3, 2014

Romance is in the air. The fall bring about that special question “will you marry me?” Next it is time for the brides-to-be to start to shop. Many ladies start using RapidLash before their wedding for stunning lashes that say, “I do”.

Before I started writing beauty blogs, I adored working with brides to help them find their perfect dress. Since then, when my girlfriends get engaged I tag along to help with the dress process. These are some pointers to help you find the right dress at a decent price.

Consider everything…but choose what you LOVE

What time of year? What venue? Sleeves on a summer gown or Ball gown at a backyard affair? Maybe not. You MUST get the dress you love but truly consider the venue and time of year. The big thing here is the dress has to be perfect for you. I actually bought a dress that was perfect for our venue but later realized that it wasn’t perfect for my style and body type. Thankfully, I came to the realization quickly and the kind shop owner let me exchange my dress for one that suited me perfectly.

Wear the correct undergarments to your appointment

You must wear underwear and have a nude or white strapless bra available. Most shops will have a bustier for you, but it’s best to have your own. Additionally, don’t wear excessive makeup. No bride wants to try on/buy a dress that is smeared with someone else’s foundation and lipstick. Also, the shop owner owns that expensive sample. Treat it with respect.

Who to Bring

Bring a few people that you trust instead of an entourage. Avoid inviting anyone that is super critical of you. Having someone scrutinize every detail of how you look in samples that aren’t your exactly size wastes time and can take away from the experience. This whole wedding process is all about the love, so only bring people who will enhance the process. The first time you try on some dresses is a special time and negativity should not be allowed.

Let the Shop Girl Help You

There are a limited number of dresses in every shop and the people that work there know these dresses inside and out…literally. Let the shop girl dress you and put you properly into each gown. Closures vary widely from buttons, hooks, straps and someone that isn’t familiar with the dress might take FOREVER to put it on, especially if it has a corset back. Also, consultants feel comfortable enough with the dresses to really pull them back tight against your body and clip it if you are smaller than the sample size.

Check Out Your Bustle Options

Fact: If your dress has a train you need a bustle. There are so many types of bustles out there and a good shop gal or seamstress will give you several options. Make sure that after you select a bustle that someone has practice tying it up at the final fitting with the seamstress present. It’s always more difficult than it seems.

Short on Cash or Time?

Do you want to get married ASAP? That is super romantic but it cuts back your options BIGTIME. Happily, many bridal shops have sample sales and often discounted dresses are left over from those sales. Does the shop have the perfect dress but it’s not on sale? It never hurts to ask if off the rack is an option. Next find a reliable and uber-trustworthy cleaner, and be extra beyond-clear about your expectations.

Sleep on it!

If you are unsure, sleep on it before you get your measurements taken or decide on any big changes from the original dress. Many designers’ welcome small variations, so if there is one small detail that is holding you back, look into it. You can have the dress of your dreams without all the drama.

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials. We hope you enjoy your dress search and your enhanced beauty routine.

Shannon C., Lashing Out


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