Do You & Your S.O. Share?

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September 21, 2015

My man and I certainly share habits, and I want to let you guys into mine and my guy’s nighttime routine… when it comes to skincare, that is. It turns out many tricks of the trade in skin care and beauty that are totally applicable to men as well!

Who Is It For?

shutterstock_37495252Efficacy is what we’re all concerned with right? So, in the bathroom, do not get caught up in how or to whom the product is marketed, but instead check out that ingredient list! As it turns out, my S.O. and I use the exact same skincare line. The brand is made of the highest quality ingredients, so its effectiveness at hydrating, treating aging issues, and enhancing brightening meets both our skincare needs.

The Basics of Preventing Signs of Skin Damage

shutterstock_123821074Though skin differs slightly between the two sexes, both men and women need to participate in actively protecting themselves from environmental damage such as pollution, free radicals, and most important- UV rays. Finding a sunscreen that you both enjoy to use will ensure that one of you always have it on you on days you’re hitting the beach, pool, or taking a stroll. Make sure the sunscreen is broad spectrum (protects against both UVA and UVB sun rays), has a sun-protection-factor of at least 30, and remember to apply to forgotten areas such as the ears, neck, back of legs, and feet, in addition to the face and exposed body.

The Cleansing Brush

shutterstock_219770680No, I would never share my cleansing brush, not even for my beloved! I also make sure to wash it frequently and change out the heads, as prescribed by the manufacturer. Pairing an effective cleansing system with a hydrating cleanser is essential to maintaining skin health. Though some still believe a “squeaky-clean” face is a healthy face, skin appears healthiest over time through use of daily hydrating products including any cleansers, toners, and especially moisturizers. Your local skin specialist can help you decide which type of cleanser will be best for you to use with your personal face brush.

Weekly Peels and Masks

Yes, share away! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used my S.O. as guinea pig for new chemical peels, scrubs, and other skincare products that I brought home. Though he would not admit it, I know he enjoys reaping the benefits of a good face mask or peel, just as I do once a week. Of course, sensitivities and allergies must always be considered prior to application.

Facial Massages

shutterstock_164493674Definitely share the benefits of a great face massage. This will help to reduce facial and cranial tension, detoxify the skin, and improve circulation towards the surface of the face. The most recommended face massages are carried out with moisturizing lotions or hydrating oils made for the face such as tea tree oils, or select mineral oils. Make sure to cleanse the skin afterwards with your favorite gentle face wash and hydrating toner.

Scented Product

shutterstock_264393851This is something to ask each other about. While many products are marketed differently between men and women, this often means the scents are dissimilar as well. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a high-quality product line that you both enjoy the smell of.

Can My S.O. Borrow my RapidLash®?

We provide RapidLash® to both male and female clients alike. Men desire thicker-looking and more youthful-looking eyebrows and eyelashes just like women. Because our products are used on the delicate eye area, we suggest having a tube for each user to ensure the safest application.

Let us know if you and your S.O. share anything in the bathroom!! We love hearing about high-quality, gender neutral products just like our own RapidLash® and RapidBrow®. Attaining the fountain of youth is a goal that sees no gender, and by adopting a shared skincare routine, you are ensuring a buddy system encourages for one another to stay diligent in practicing safe, effective skin care routines!

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Catherine C., Lashing Out



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