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Have Sensitive Skin? Don’t Get Burned By Wax Again!

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September 2, 2014

I have been using RapidBrow to help undo adverse appearance caused by years of over-plucking. Now that I have saved up enough hair to work with, I needed some help from the pros. My sensitive skin has been literally burned by bad brow waxes more than a dozen times and I wasn’t about to let that happen again. I had heard that Julie Gross, one of the owners of Millennium Personal Spa & Hair Studio, is the most talented esthetician north of Boston. I asked her to take care of my brows for the rest of my life and to share some pointers on how to get a great wax even if your skin is super sensitive. Follow these tips and you won’t get burned again!

Know Your Waxes

There is a huge difference between waxes. Before you book your appointment, find out what kind of wax the spa or salon is using. If you have sensitive skin, don’t take any unnecessary chances.

Cold Wax: “I never work with cold wax but from what I understand, the kits you can buy in beauty and grocery stores don’t really work.” Why would you even bother? Go to a pro.

Strip or Soft Wax: “Nail and hair salons often use soft wax also known as strip wax. Strips of paper are applied over the wax to rip off the hair. This method cannot be repeated in the same spot and does not allow as much control as hard wax. Additionally the soft wax is much more irritating to the skin. “A soft wax is very effective for body waxing, but it is not my recommendation for the face.”

Hard Wax: We only use hard wax at Millennium because it is a superior product that allows for a more controlled wax. Hard wax is essentially designed to “shrink wrap” itself around the hair, rather than adhering to the hair and the skin.
People with sensitive skin do really well with this type of wax because it stays a lower temperature thus making it less irritating and permissive for repetition over the same spots.

Banish Sensitivity

Take precautions before and after you get ripped to help keep you comfortable and looking your best.

Be aware of your hydration and sun exposure. Be careful not to lay in the sun after a wax without sunblock.

“A few days before you get waxed, stop using any oral or topical products that thin the skin such as Retinol, RetinA, Vitamin A or AlphaHydroxy. Hold off for a day or two after the waxing as well. The wax lifts some dead skin and if an exfoliating acid is applied to the area you could really cause yourself some problems.”

Got Burned?

You made a bad decision on who to trust and now your face has been burned. What to do?

“Use a soothing and healing treatment like aloe, but remember straight aloe gel is also dehydrating. So if you are putting it on a burn, also use something that keeps the skin emollient such as almond or sesame oil. This will keep the area from crusting up uncomfortably.”

“I always keep Emu oil in my vanity because it heals everything. It sounds unusual and if you are disturbed that it’s made from the rendering of fat from a bird’s back I wouldn’t recommend using it. However for cuts, rashes, irritations and burns; emu oil is the trick!”

Shannon C., Lashing Out


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