“Is my RapidLash Expired?”

July 23, 2015

Probably not. At the bottom of each RapidLash® and RapidBrow® tube is the “MFG” date, or the manufacturing date. It’s fabulous news, because that date simply indicates that that tube will be perfect up to about 3 years going forward, and we just got a recent study and confirmation to back that up for us! So for example, if your tube reads 8/14, you need not worry about using it up until late 2017. Perfect.


On the other hand, this small date tends to give us savvy shoppers the impression that it is an expiration date instead and that we might be getting jipped out of ripe product! No worries. That case is very unlikely. Because of the phenomenal reviews we continuously receive about our products, we are pretty confident that there are very few tubes lying around being un-used.


Here at the distribution center, we pay careful attention to detail on when new boxes of product come in and how quickly we turn them around to send to our beloved stores, salons, and shoppers. When a case or box is questionably old, around the late 2 year mark, we do not send those out to be sold or used anywhere. In addition, please keep in mind that we have not approved of the selling of our products on online retailers such as Amazon or eBay.

For any and all questions, call/e-mail/tweet/Facebook or call us at the distribution center!

168 Industrial Dr., bld 1
Mashpee, Ma 02649

We truly appreciate all the people that enjoy our products every day.
Thank you.


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