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November 6, 2015

I sat down with make-up artist, fashion major, esthetician, and my friend Chelsea today to discuss some of the most popular beauty questions that come up during the cooler months. Having used to work with her as a consultant, we share a passion for staying in-the-know about the latest that the beauty and skin care industry has to offer. Unsurprisingly, there is always something new to talk about.

How long have you worked in the beauty industry again? I’ve been working in the beauty industry for five years.
This year, what are the biggest trends that you are seeing emerge for Fall/Winter ‘15? Right now, a lot of people are looking for that perfect dark lip (which, I think, will always be a winter staple). Also, the Instagram-extreme-squared-off brow is slowly being replaced by a really full, but softer, feathery brow. I’m also seeing a lot of naturally radiant, glowy skin.


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What does your personal skin care regimen look like? Cleanse and moisturize in the morning. At night I do a double cleanse. So I’ll use a good cleansing water to remove any makeup and then afterwards go in with my Clarisonic mia 2 and a creamy cleanser. I’ll follow up with my favorite eye cream and moisturizer of the moment. And, if I’m good, I’ll throw a serum on underneath.

What is your favorite weekly pampering routine when it comes to skin care?
A favorite mask? An Under-eye pad treatment? So many options! Once a week I’ll take a night to do a peel (any Dr. Dennis gross peel) and follow up with a mask. I’m a mask junkie (I take home samples whenever I find a new one I love.) Lately I’ve really been loving sheet masks). I’ll really take the time to layer my products and use a good treatment underneath my moisturizer.


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What are you favorite lip products on the market these days? Kat Von D colors are killing it right now. She makes colors so hard to find on the market. Plus they’re super matte and vibrant. Nars and Bite Beauty will always be my true loves though.
What tips for a red-lip do you have? Line and then fill in lip with matching red. Apply lipstick, blot and do another layer. Use a skin tone colored eyeliner and line outside of lip to really make it look crisp and clean.

What are your thoughts on lip liners? I’m a liner junkie, I have more liners than lipsticks. I’ll usually skip the lipstick and just color in my whole lip with a liner.

Any tips for keeping lips looking youthful in later years? Hydrate, treat your lips like the rest of the skin on your face. My favorite product is the lip mask from Bite Beauty I use it every night.


Beautiful young Brazilian woman applying massaging exfoliating anti-aging cream facial mask - skincare cosmetology - isolated.

What do primers actually do, for those who are unfamiliar?
Primers create a barrier between your skin and makeup. Alone on the skin, a foundation will slip and slide, a primer gives foundation to grab onto. (I always explain it this way to people) Nobody’s skin is paper smooth. We all have crevices and valleys in our skin. Putting foundation directly on that skin, you’ll have makeup settling into those areas and it just won’t look its best. By using a primer, the primer fills in those areas so you have that paper smooth surface to apply your foundation on top of.

Why should people really use them?
You’ll use less product and save yourself the headache of touch ups.
Sounds good enough reason for me! I switch it up between my Becca primer and my Laura one.


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What trends in foundation have you seen this year and for the upcoming season? It’s all about the glow.
The world is obsessed with highlighters right now (as they should be. Which ones are your absolute favorites? Literally anything Becca makes.
I would agree 100%. The brand makes beautiful products. I’m obsessed with their powder and liquid highlighters, the blush, the foundation… Shall I go on?

Set of makeup products to even out skin tone and complexion: concealer corrector open cream foundation bottle jar of loose powder crushed compact powder with makeup brushes and cosmetic sponge

What concerns are common going into the fall/winter months regarding face make-up? Switching shades (come into Sephora for Color IQ and we can find your perfect match in all the foundations carried in under a minute). Also a lot of people’s skin changes and gets drier.

What are your best tips for picking the perfect foundation? Take your skin into consideration. If your skin is dry and flaky get a moisturizing product. Know what coverage you’re looking for. Match to your jaw not your hand.

What is your personal go-to choice for foundation? Right now Smooth Finish Flawless from Laura Mercier. It looks like skin.

What brand is really taking off in popularity among your clients? Makeup forever just reformulated their HD foundation and it’s a fave among clients it seems. (I also wear and love it)

I definitely like applying my make-up with brushes versus my fingers, but what do you recommend to get the best finish? It depends on the makeup. For some, fingers really do the best job at working product into the skin. For other thicker foundations I love a damp beauty blender. It sheers the foundation out so it’s easier to work with and layer.

makeup Brushes

What do you recommend as far as brush-cleaning goes? If you’re wearing your makeup everyday and using the same brush I would say wash it once a week or once every other. I love solid brush cleansers, they look like bars of soap and you can just swirl your brush around in it, no mess. (Beauty blender and Sephora make one)

What is your favorite thing about being a make-up artist? It’s such a rewarding job and those few minutes you get with someone, I’ve learned, can truly make a difference in someone’s life. You get to make people feel beautiful. So many of the women who sit in the chair are already beautiful inside and out, they just need that extra boost for them to see it themselves. I’ve worked on women with cancer and young girls who suffer from trichotillomania who need help creating brows. Seeing them light up when they look into the mirror, reminds me that I have the best job ever.
Least favorite? I’m forever cleaning brushes!!!!!!

We are so thankful for Chelsea’s time, talent and insight for today’s interview! Make sure to follow her on instagram @chelseapajzermua and on her official Facebook page 

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Catherine C., Lashing Out


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