Mid-2015 Goal Check-up Time!

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August 10, 2015

Check out your schedule. Are you doing what you thought you’d be doing 6 months ago when the New Year’s Resolutions were flying around inside your head? Did you make those changes to your grocery list? Did you finally upgrade your make-up? If so, good for you! For most of us, we may be a little off. Let’s examine some simple ways to take the next step towards a super-fulfilling second half of 2015, especially in terms of coming to terms with how you want to look your best this year.

1. Define the Why

shutterstock_219753427Motivation is key when setting a new life goal. Why do you want to achieve your goal in the first place? Ask yourself to define specific reasons why you wish to achieve this particular goal. Then ask yourself how you will feel when you reach it, and what benefits you may reap because of it. Perhaps you haven’t spent enough time on yourself recently and really feel like you need a pick-me-up. A new make-up set will go a long way to deliver 8-12 hour results, but nothing beats a confidence boost from knowing you have your own set of youth-exuding lashes and eyebrows. I give a RapidLash® or a RapidBrow® to any of my friends who feel like they need a change for the better. Each tube works as a gift that keeps giving, as they are something they can monitor and look forward to over the coming weeks.

2. Break It Down

shutterstock_147712802Most goals require multiple mini-goals within themselves. Baby steps. Let’s say one of your goals is to make changes in your life in order to feel younger again. You want to achieve that inner glow and that je ne sais quoi feeling. Let’s break down steps to do just that! You might invest in some protective hair products, a new do, a fabulous new pair of shoes, and some new skin products, right?

Well get down to the root of the issue, do yourself a favor, and invest in a nice serum for not only the skin but for the eyelashes and eyebrows too! There are many face serums that your local skin specialist can help you with, but take our word for it . Try a RapidLash®or RapidBrow® for the eyelashes and eyebrows, as we laud the best results with the best price around. Many people have confessed that they finally settled on RapidLash® products after giving other brands a chance. Hair is one of the first signs noticeable as a true essence of beauty and youth.

3. Write This Down!


Any professor, teacher, or student will tell you that writing something down helps you remember it better. Make sure to write down your goals. Also write them in a spot that reflects exactly when you plan on attacking them! I carry my mini planner and calendar book with me everywhere. I attend to my lists each day, completing what I can to ensure that no task stays on there too long. If a task is staring you right in the face, it’s harder to put it off and forget about it, am I right? Not only is this tip essential for working towards a better goal completion rate, but having a notebook comes in handy all the time for a busy gal or guy on the go.

4. Make It a Date

shutterstock_94063141Not just any type a date. A super-priority, I’m-not-moving-this-for-anything kind of date. Consistency is key in terms of setting a goal. Exercising every day is better than one workout per week, right? So make sure your beauty routine is applied with the same mentality. I describe to people that a healthy lifestyle includes getting used to NOT making excuses for eating bad-because let’s face it, there is always something we can rationalize for eating wrong, whether it’s a friend in town, an upcoming holiday, a “date night,” or something to that tune. Guess what, I apply the same “no excuses” mentality to my beauty routine which includes taking off makeup every night and being diligent with my RapidLash® and RapidBrow®. Consistency is your true friend when it comes to achieving that lifestyle goal that you have been striving for. For additional tips, check out our other article, “Are We Thinking About Lash & Brow Care Correctly?”

shutterstock_2230867455. Monitor your changes

Be proud of what you’ve achieved. We all know how fast time flies, and when we’re able to actually look back and track the progress we’ve made, it is supremely gratifying. Also, note that psychologists have found that those who exhibit self-discipline frequently tend to feel higher life satisfaction levels than those who do not. You know that hard work always pay off in the end! Get excited for your changes! And make that easy switch to get back on track with your beauty routine with us by your side!

You go!
The RapidLash® Team
Xo C.C.

Source: http://healthland.time.com/2013/06/24/self-disciplined-people-are-happier-and-not-as-deprived-as-you-think/


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