Soft & Sexy Winter Skin

January 27, 2015

In the winter months, the cold, sun and wind ravage any area of our body that is exposed. You can strive to cover up as much as possible, but you need your vision. The nourishing ingredients in RapidLash will help to fortify your lashes and brows against the elements to keep them looking lovely. But how should you protect the rest of your face?

We asked Julie Gross, the gorgeous co-owner of Millennium Personal Spa & Hair Studio for the secret to maintaining the soft and dewy skin once the thermometer drops. She shared a handful of easy ways to keep your skin looking hot when it’s cold outside. Here are her tips!

Bring the Moisture

The heat in our homes and cars dry your skin out. Humidifiers are wonderful to keep your home or office as moist as possible providing that they are clean and free of mold and bacteria. Get your beauty sleep with a humidifier nearby to help hydrate your skin while it is being nourished with your nighttime products. As always, drink lots of water.

Seasonal Switch Up

It’s time to switch up your products. Most people use a lighter moisturizer in the summer and then something a little heavier during the colder months. Look for creams that are rich and balmy for the colder weather, and try a hydrating serum. They are fantastic all year long but especially through the winter.

Cold Weather Exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the more important things to keep in mind through the winter. The less dead skin that is sitting on the surface the healthier-looking the skin will appear. Your products will be more effective because they will be able to penetrate the skin rather than sitting on top of layers of dead skin. People love a grainy physical scrub that pushes dead skins cells off and makes the skin feel polished. Repeat 2-3 times weekly, as needed, but don’t overdo it because that can irritate the skin.

The Importance of Sunscreen in Winter

Just because its cold out, it doesn’t mean that the sun can’t damage your skin. Even if you aren’t outside much, the sun penetrates through automobile windows and sunroofs and damages the skin. You always want to be protecting your skin from UVA/UVB rays with a full spectrum sunblock. As we age we see more pigmentation and sunspots on the left side of our face, left arm and left hand from sun damage. The reason is that you sit in the car and the sun comes through the window. Use sunblock year round to avoid damage while driving.

Heat in the Car

One thing I always tell people is to NEVER direct the heat vents in your car toward your face, always onto your feet. I see a lot of people that come into the spa and their skin is dry, red or chapped. It is because the heat is blowing right on their face.

Thanks for the excellent advice Julie! XO

Shannon C., Lashing Out


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