Springtime Makeover

April 3, 2015

Didn’t this winter seem particularly long? Let’s shake off the chilly blues and get this season going with a hot spring MAKEOVER! Much like a glorious garden returns after the winter, so does our most vibrant beauty. Read these tips on how to bring out the freshest version of your beautiful self.

Spring Hair

Shorter cuts are the thing now, but if you don’t feel like cutting your tresses, there are lots of easy classic options this season. Braids are big and you can pretty much do whatever you want with them. Adornments, topknots and ponytails are back too. Here’s the thing, no haircut will look its best if your hair isn’t healthy. Use a vitamin-packed product like to keep your hair looking voluminous and shiny. Got a little natural texture to your hair? Rock it and enjoy a vacation from your straightening iron for the next several months.

Fresh Skin

Start by treating yourself to a spa facial or give yourself one at home. Swap your foundation for a tinted moisturizer and swipe on a little bronzer if you are still feeling pale. As always, don’t forget the sunscreen or the sunglasses. Shades look fabulous and help protect your eyes from UV rays, projectiles and squinting-related wrinkles.

Lashes & Brows

The bold brows and mega lashes trends are still big this spring. The best way to get them is to upgrade what you already have. RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum and RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum are ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested which means safe and gentle enhancement of the appearance of lashes and brows without the risk of dangerous glues associated with lash and brow extensions. Swipe RapidBrow onto your brows twice a day for improved appearance of bold, brilliant brows, and RapidLash onto your lash line at night to help condition and enhance the look of your lashes while you sleep. A few coats on non-waterproof mascara in the morning will bring your lashes to their most glamorous.

Foot Freedom

Chances are that the winter wreaked havoc on your feet while they were hiding in your cozy boots. Remove any dead skin and get those toes looking pretty in strappy sandals. Get a pedicure ASAP and remember that this season’s styles run the gambit from simple nude to wild nail art.

This season is a great time to show your style unfettered. Shake out your hair, reveal your dewy skin, bat your beguiling lashes and prepare to walk barefoot on the beach or soft grass.

We love you spring. XO

Shannon C., Lashing Out


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