“Strobing” The Make-up Technique – Don’t Ignore

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July 2, 2015

Guys, if you have ever been into make-up ever, listen up. Strobing is synonymous with trend that has long been used and adored by make-up artistes and experts. Think highlighting, illuminating, “luminizing,” or even achieving the new “toddler glow!” What? Gals, basically it’s the flip side of contouring, the peanut butter to your jelly. If you contour, you should highlight. This dog has seen this trick before, and you should try it yourself if you haven’t already.


I’m going to give you a countdown list of my all-time favorite products to help you achieve this fast and easy, youthful, face-sculpting glow! It’s time to get #sculpted, and try it out this weekend for the 4th parties and all throughout the year!


Why should you highlight, contour, or even better- both?
Capture the appearance of having studio lighting, wherever you go, hitting you at all the right angles.
Give yourself the appearance of a slimmer face, that’s right-
It gives you a “summer glow” no matter what time of year it is, and lastly, I don’t care if you have Kate Bosworth’s cheek bones or not- contouring and highlighting will give you cheekbones!
Ask any make-up guru, artist, or expert, and they will tell you about the magic of contouring and highlighting.


Now, let’s review some of our industry favorites. This is not a trend that will disappear from any make-up-experts life anytime soon, as we all seek to retain that youthful glow that just seems to shine from within…that is until super-matte finishes become all the rage again. But I digress, here is your list!

Count-down of all-time favorite highlighters/illuminators– some tried and true, and some brand new.


1. Lush’s “Feeling Younger Skin Tint” and age-defying glow cream is one of the most beautiful, subtle highlighters I’ve ever owned. It is conservative enough to wear to work or on the weekends. This light, cream formula is suitable for all skin tones. The natural ingredients of this elegant cream absolutely defies its amazing price point of only $18.95.


2. Becca is a brand that appeared and blossomed at large retailers like Ulta and Sephora somewhat recently, and they are famous for their ultra full coverage foundations as well as their liquid highlighters or “Shimmering Skin Perfectors.” They have powder, cream, and liquid forms of gorgeous highlighters in 4-5 fabulous shades, depending on their current lineup. Due to their respectable variety of shades and forms, they have earned a place on this list. Each Becca highlighter investment ranges between $38-$41.
Check out their site for awesome tutorial tips: http://www.beccacosmetics.com/us/get-the-look/contouring-demystified/


3. Benefit’s “watts up” illuminator has long been a make-up-lovers staple. Other products they carry as highlighters are “Girl Meets Pearl,” and their “Sun Beam” liquid. Benefit products pride themselves on bringing the latest innovations in make-up to the girl next door. And we just can’t resist their clever product names. Swoon.


4. NARS blushes offer a number of different highlighting products. I’m currently using a new spring blush shade, “Reckless,” as it is a opaque light pink tone, too light to be used as a traditional blush on the apples of the cheeks but perfect for illuminating. NARS also launched “Dual-Intensity Blush” in 5 beautiful shades, intended for highlighting and creating that desired “glow.” NARS has long been famed for their Liquid Illuminator as well. Their reputation precedes them, and we continue to love this make-up powerhouse’s old and new products alike.


5. You’re allowed to be creative. Put on the make-up-artist hat, and pick out your own favorite shimmery beige-colored eyeshadow, such as Napoleon Perdis’ “Prismatic Eyeshadow Quads” in “Quad 12,” or in “Swan Lake.”
Or try adding Stila’s best-seller, “kitten” to your repertoire. Make sure you’re comfortable with the level of shimmer of this high-intensity eyeshadow before proceeding. The great thing about illuminating is that it should only be apparent when the light hits you just the right way. We do not recommend a constant glitter-party-face.


6. Contour kits with both bronzers and illuminators in them. Not only will this save your wallet, it saves you time and space in your make-up bags. Recently, I bought the latest Anastasia contour palette and love it so far. The pigments are rich, the two lighter illuminators are great for the outer cheek bones and center line of the face, while the yellow-tinted one is perfect for under –eye concealment and blending out the forehead area. Other highly-recommended contour sets include Kat Von-D’s “Shade +Light palette” for $46, and of course the Urban Decay’s “Naked Flushed” Sets in 3 different shades, each a cool $36.


7. It Cosmetics “My Sculpted Face” Contour Palette is has truly made a splash in the make-up world, since this fabulous company’s initial launching on QVC. Not only do I love and recommend just about 99% of this line’s products, their contour palate easily earns the status of a true staple in my bag (Coming soon- “What Products are Never Missing from my Make-up Bag?”). This palette is $38, but honestly I would spend more than that. This palette’s white-tinted illuminators are amazingly rich in pigment, and I especially love putting the shimmery white one on my inner eye area as well as below the eyebrow. You just can’t beat this one, and that is why it tops my list as #1 illuminator/highlighter right now.


Beauties, just in time for the 4th of July get-togethers, let’s get #sculpted!


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