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October 12, 2015

For all the minimalists out there, this article will truly speak to your life’s philosophy.

Less is more.

Though we love trying out each season’s top trends, there are some looks that we can and should fall back on when we second-guess ourselves. Just because you’re a “minimalist” doesn’t mean you have boring style! It means you have certain standards that are seldom compromised by the latest, passing trends. A timeless look can always be tweaked and updated when necessary. Simple, sexy, and sophisticated, add these “trends” to your daily style for an updated yet timeless change.

Nude Nails

shutterstock_310418483Though the nude nail is definitely a “trend” right now, a clean-looking nail never really goes out of style. The emphasis is directed elsewhere instead. Perhaps it’s that special ring or watch you just bought yourself. Perhaps it’s a statement coat that deserves the attention. The nude nail look is simple, timeless, and sophisticated, not to mention saves you precious time and money.

Bright eye

Miranda_Kerr_2The right under eye concealer and strategic eyeshadow shading can help you easily achieve this youthful look. First, research the best concealer for your skin shade and start experimenting with the one that blends best. YouTube tutorials can prove invaluable ways to learn new techniques. I have even visited some of my favorite brand’s website as a way to learn more about the products.

As a rule of thumb for eyeshadow application, always emphasize inner corners of your eyes with lighter shades and focus darker tones on the outer corners. If you have smaller eyes, apply eyeliner only on the outer, upper part of the lid line, not all the way across. Secondly, refrain from applying liner in the water line, as that will also make the eyes appear smaller.

Prominent Lashes

shutterstock_318568217From Twiggy to Gigi, no one can deny beautiful, youthful-looking lashes will never be out. That is why using RapidLash® holds a permanent place in our weekly routine. Containing moisturizing and enhancing ingredients like peptides, biotin, panthenol, amino acids, oils, extras, and more, RapidLash® is a safe and effective way to prime your lashes for a healthy-look throughout every season. Using a lash serum is important for those who need help improving the overall look of their eyelashes or for anybody that wants a more defined lash appearance.

Polished Hair

Ed_Burns,_Christy_Turlington_at_27_Dresses_Premiere_1Trends in hair styles can fluctuate from super-volumized to the “messy” look to pink-infused to feather-filled, but timeless and true is the look that exudes a polished and “finished” look. This means keeping the cut “clean-looking,’ and keeping the overall appearance of the hair healthy and shiny-looking. A polished hair-look can mean a lot of different things, which allows a lot of individualization and creativity including styles from bobs to long hair styles.

My most recommended hair-tip for maintaining healthy, polished-looking hair is use of a scalp treatment. After all, we should be aiming at caring for the “root” of the issue at hand, especially as many of us color our hair in some form or fashion. I use RapidHair™, a foam containing ingredients like peptides, biotin, panthenol, amino acids, and niacinamide to really help the scalp and hair look its best season after season.

Defined Brow

shutterstock_236832310We all remember the 90s right? Well we hope it serves as a good reminder that the current “trend” is not always what looks best. Many of us who lived through that time also learned a hard lesson on the eyebrows! There are many reasons why women and men do not like the look of their eyebrows, and one thing that has risen in popularity are eyebrow-enhancing serums. RapidBrow®, a sister-product of RapidLash® contains enhancing and conditioning ingredients which work together to improve the overall appearance of the eyebrows! So for those looking to achieve that sexy, natural-looking and full-looking brow, invest in a serum for weekly use throughout the year. This step will also save you time in the morning during your make-up routine. More time for coffee? Yes please!

LBD- The Little Black Dress

shutterstock_320251427Black dresses are the ultimate pick-me-up for a look that is sexy, sliming, and timeless! A great assortment of LBDs can ensure you never go a day saying that you have nothing to wear. Find a LBD that is perfect for a dressed-down look, and invest in one that is a perfect date-night or girls-night dress to pair with heels. This is a staple you will not have to think twice about and can help you work through any mid-wardrobe crises.

Pretty Natural Lip

shutterstock_166152503I do not mean go sans lip product, goodness no! I mean, make it your ambition to find a staple lip pencil, lipstick, or lip balm that resembles your natural lip shade, maybe one shade darker. It is your aim to define the lips while still making them appear oh-so-kissable. A favorite look of my man’s, this natural lip look gives you the flexibility to be more wild with other aspects of your look- like a brighter-than-usual eyeshadow, loud shoes, or with a fun pair of rose-colored eyeglasses.

Classic Red Lip

Aishwarya_Rai_Cannes_2014Yes, the natural lip is a great go-to for most days looks, but what about that special occasion? A classic red lip exudes all the right elements of sexy and intellect, if done correctly. Tip- Apply a primer and a skin-colored pencil around the lips to enhance the lip line and protect against smudging. This tops the list of trends that will stick around for many years to come.

Catherine C., Lashing Out


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