Ariana Grande Style Tutorial

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November 20, 2015

Ariana’s style is the epitome of playful & sexy. Ariana’s stylists must create looks for her that are as stylistically appealing as her music is. Today, we’re delving into the foundation of Ariana’s signature look, the high-and-tight pony tail, her frustratingly perfect eyeliner, and her always-on-point brow shaping game. After reading this, you will have one less one less problem to worry about when getting ready for your next night out.

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Given that your hair falls below your shoulders, anyone should be able to easily achieve this sexy, playful style. To start, flip your hair upside down and gather your hair at the top-back of the head. To eliminate annoying and unsightly bumps, keep your hair gathered, take a comb or brush, and brush 360 degrees around the gathered hair towards the pony tail, re-gathering as you go. Triple-loop the hair back with thin elastic. For an ultra-finish, wrap a thin strand of hair around the elastic and bobby-pin the end of the strand into the hair. Hair spray or finishing spray is helpful to combat fly-away hairs. If you’re someone who needs styling help, I would recommend a scalp serum like RapidHair™ to help keep the look volume and health. It is easy to use- on dry or wet hair. It has the benefits of a potent hair serum and the texture benefits of a dry shampoo. Yes please! The scalp is really the root of all hair dilemmas; a scalp serum is my number one recommendation for healthy hair maintenance. For more styles, see this.


Prime the eye to ensure your gorgeous look stays on all day and doesn’t smudge. Take a gel or liquid eyeliner (pencil eyeliner is a bit tricky for the thin line Ariana uses) and take the color in a very thin line all the way across the eye down to the tear-ducks and out towards the ears with a subtle, winged flick. For the bottom of the eyes, apply a thin line into the waterline, stretching all the way across the eyes, meeting the ends of where the top lines. The eyeliner is applied 360 in this case! Typically, I don’t apply eyeliner all the way around, as it tends to make my eyes look smaller, but for this specific look, it is appropriate and flattering.

Eyeliner application is sort of a 1-shot thing. That is usually why the eye make-up is the longest part of a make-up routine. You don’t want to have to edit the line too much, because you’ll take off your primer as well as the eyeliner. Don’t get frustrated- Practice makes perfect.

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To enhance the look of the brows themselves, use a targeted Brow serum at night like RapidBrow®, which will enhance and fortify your natural brow hairs with vitamins and peptides. To fill in your beauteous brows, take your brow make-up of choice (colored gel, tinted brow mascara, a brow pencil, etc), fill in to the appropriate brow shape and comb your brushes into a tamed, subtle arch. For more on brow shaping, read  EyeBrow Contouring 101.


Use your favorite Volumizing mascara, and finish with some va-va-voom lash extensions. I definitely recommend using a lash conditioner like RapidLash® at nighttime if you usually wear lash extensions. I know personally the havoc extensions can wreck on the lashes, so my RapidLash® helps keep them strong and long-looking!

For tips on Ariana-style face makeup and contouring, I would check out this fab Australian-beauty YouTube tutorial that re-caps all of these tips and goes in depth about face contouring.

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Enjoy, beauties and Ariana fans! See you at her next concert?!

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Catherine C., Lashing Out


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