Why Beauty Extensions Are 100% Necessary

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November 27, 2015

In the Day of the Selfie…

Why are beauty extensions necessary in this day and age? Whether it is lash, brow, or hair extensions, beauty extensions may seem like extravagances that are just for celebrities. However, they are actually testaments to advances in the cosmetic industry that make many women’s (and men’s) lives easier. They can be perfect for a special occasions like a wedding, an event, or just for everyday. Extensions are tools that can be used by anyone looking to enhance their looks quickly, shorten their morning routine, or simply boost confidence levels through the roof. It’s why brow bars are popping up in every strip mall, why every blogger’s selfies are full of long, *too-perfect* curls, and why I get asked about my eyelashes almost every day (more on that later). Today, we’re going to think about a couple primary reasons why we can’t live without extensions.

Some people have serious problems with the appearance of their hair.

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There are many factors that can affect the appearance of lash, brow, and head hair. The struggle with hair appearance is very real for a large amount of men and women, so the myth that extensions are just for bloggers or celebrities is not accurate at all.

They’re Convenient.

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Time is the major reason why I habitually go back to extensions. I do not have the time or the patience to wash off mascara every night. I just don’t. I will always make time to wash off every inch of the rest of my make-up. (In fact I have a strict skin care routine that I adhere to every night.) But washing off mascara is not a part of that routine, because having lash extensions means I get to skip a whole 10 minute process every night and the next morning. Yes, please.

I also am able to use a lash conditioner, RapidLash®, while wearing extensions, and it is highly recommended for using in-between or during eyelash extension treatments. The clear serum can be applied nightly before bed and the benefits results in healthier-looking, stronger-appearing lashes. Extensions do not have to be ultra-damaging if done right.

The time factor is also crucial when thinking about eyebrow extensions. While lashes might only need a coat of mascara to finish the job, brow contouring every morning is much trickier and also time-consuming. Brow extensions can save you time and money instead of reaching for your wallet to buy more brow shaping tools. Another extension-friendly alternative is the clear, easy-to-use serum RapidBrow® which does the same thing to your eyebrows that RapidLash® does to the lashes. It’s a no brainer, natural alternative to traditional brow shaping and contouring. I still like shaping the eyebrows with a tool, but trust me; the process takes about 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes. Time is precious!

They’re FUN.

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Extensions have gained the momentum that they have in the last 10 years because they are tools to enhance your look instantly! Your photos will instantly look phenomenal! You will feel amazing going on that first date. Why do you think celebrities use eyelash, brow, and hair extensions? It is because they always have to look put together and ready for photos. Extensions are just one celebrity secret that make “photo-ready” a real possibility.

You’ll Look More Beautiful, Scientifically


Enhancing the eyes, brows, and hair increases the amount of “facial contrast” that you have, and thus increases others perception of your beauty. According to research on what constitutes “beauty,” it turns out the human eye registers images of faces with higher facial contrast as more beautiful than those with less contrast. Think back to more historic times- when red lipstick was a trademark of beauty. It contrasted the color of the lips with the skin. Now fast forward to today, and it becomes clear why we continue to outline features such as the eyes and eyebrows.

Self-Esteem Boosters

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Lastly, and arguably the most important reason why extensions are necessary, is that extensions can serve as tools that boost your self esteem. I am not saying you can replace tool likes a good support system, positive self talk, or spending time on yourself with mere lash, brow, or hair extensions, but sometimes people need a visible change to get their momentum going. I’ve seen such effects firsthand.

Many testimonials of RapidLash®, RapidBrow®, and RapidHair™ users are walking examples of people who seek real solutions for boosting their everyday life. RapidLash® is proud that their products can be used alone or alongside extensions to assist in improving the look of lash, brow, and hair with RapidLash®, RapidBrow®, and RapidHair™ respectively. I highly recommend using them in either fashion. They work to enhance the look of healthy hair in a natural, super-easy way in a short 4-6 weeks.

Make sure to check out our Shop page and stay tuned for our next blog, “How NOT to Mess Up Extensions”

Catherine C. XO, Lashing Out


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