Bridal Beauty Calendar Countdown

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January 15, 2016

Never mind the dress, bridal party arrangements, venue location, flowers, catering, invitations, photography and last minute details that must be planned prior to your day…what about you?!  Below are some important beauty-only tips to help you look and feel your best along this amazing journey.

6 months out: Establish Good Skin Habits

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If you haven’t already established a daily skin care regimen, now is the time to find a professional skin care brand. I would advise using a line from a dermatologist or med spa office to ensure the product you are using is of good quality and effectiveness. Make sure the products you use on a daily basis contain Vitamins A,C,E, antioxidants, peptides, and growth factors if possible.

Keep it simple: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, and Protect with a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Make your skin care routine a habit starting 6-12 months before your big day, so later on, you won’t even have to think (or stress) about it. Ask any dermatologist, and they will tell you, the best skin care is preventative. It is much easier to prevent a skin condition or an unsightly breakout than trying to repair the appearance of damage. [Message me if you want a specific brand recommendation.]

3 months out: Prep The Lashes & Brows
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3 months out is the perfect time to pick up a lash and brow enhancing serum like RapidLash®. It’s a unique formula made of enhancing, conditioning and moisturizing peptides, amino acids, panthenol, biotin, and other lash-enhancing ingredients that will ensure that your lashes and brows will look fuller, darker, and more gorgeous on your big day. And if you’re planning on getting professional lash or brow extensions for your wedding day, consistent use of a lash conditioner 4-8 weeks prior will help fortify the foundation of your lashes and brows prior to the service.

2 months before: Trial & Error
Beautiful bride with wedding makeup and hairstyle, attractive ne

Book a trial run with your make-up artist and hair designer. You want to make sure your visions for your big day is the same. Then confirm your appointment with each of them for the big day. Stock up on any extra maintenance items you may need such as make-up finishing spray, sanitary wipes, oil-blotting pads, or hair products.

1 month before: Book it!

Call your lash/ brow extension provider and book your appointment with them on a day that is 3-4 days prior to the wedding. If you’re not crazy about the idea (or the cost) of getting lash/brow extensions, ask your make-up artist which false eyelashes she/he prefers to use so that you can pick up a pair that speaks to your style.

If you color your hair, book an appointment a week out for a touch up. You don’t want to see any roots in your photos!

Book yourself for a facial, giving your skin a week’s time to recover from any redness or irritation. Make sure to maintain your normal skin routine leading up to the big day, and don’t try anything new or fancy unless otherwise recommended by your dermatologist.

1 Week Before:


Hit up all your appointments, such as your hair coloring, facial, spray tan, & lash extension service. Do not freak out if there are unexpected cancellations or mistakes. That’s why you booked your service for 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding not the day before.

The night before: Nothing

 relax 710x700

If anything, do a calming mask. Take a warm bubble bath, and make sure to lather the body with a vitamin-enriched oil afterwards to increase the skin’s appearance of moisture and glow. Follow with your usual nighttime skincare routine. Get plenty of shut-eye!

The morning of: Enjoy

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Cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect as usual. Hydrate and drink plenty of water throughout the morning. Prior to getting hair and make-up done, I might even recommend sneaking away for a quick 15-minute yoga session or meditation session to make sure your nerves are relaxed all day long. Relax, and let your hair and make-up artist do their thing. Surround yourself with people who will not add to your stress level (if possible). Enjoy the day of your celebration & all the hard work it took to get there.

Post Wedding: Maintain

Keep up your favorite beauty habits, especially your skin and lash routines. They are the first thing people notice and will keep you looking & feeling revitalized after the excitement of your celebration.

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Ask if you would like specific brand recommendations for any products described above.

Congratulations on your upcoming day!

Catherine c., Lashing Out





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