Renew Your Confidence in 2016!

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January 1, 2016

New Year, New Look

What if I could tell you that a simple visible change could boost your confidence and help you to be more successful this year? There are millions of men and women out there who have major concerns with the appearance of their lashes, hair, or eyebrows. For those seeking solutions, there is an overwhelming number of products to choose from. At Rocasuba, official U.S. distributor of RapidLash® EyeLash Enhancing Serum and now RapidBrow®, RapidHair™, and RapidRenew™, we are all too familiar with the needs of this population. For that reason, we’ve created products that target the lash, brow and scalp area- the areas which greatly contribute to the appearance of aging. Our products are made with naturally-based formulas and are not associated with any side effects. In fact, many glowing, organic testimonials can be found online from those who have used them.

See below for the best features of each of our 4 products that will help kick off your 2016!


RapidLash® is an easy-to-use clear serum that is applied like liquid eyeliner every evening on clean skin, has no scary side effects, and can be used by all ages! One of the best benefits of using RapidLash® is its effectiveness for all users, including for 2 specific populations: mature clients and for clients who use lash extensions. The serum is perfect for in between services or for those that seek an alternative to extensions all together. RapidLash® is simply applied nightly on clean skin for 4-6 weeks, and voila! The only side effects that you should be concerned with are – darker-looking, longer-looking, fuller-looking, and overall, more youthful-looking eyelashes. Plus, the formula can be used as a 2-in-1 formula that can be applied to the brow area as well.



Speaking of the eyebrows, we debuted RapidBrow® in 2014 for two reasons.

  1. The bold-brow trend showed no signs of slowing (and it still doesn’t)
  2. We received a lot of feedback from clients who were craving for a product designed just for the eyebrows.

One of the best differences about RapidBrow® versus RapidLash® is that the application wand is bigger and much better at dispersing the serum onto the supraorbital region. RapidBrow® can be applied 1-2 times a day on a clean brow area, and results should be seen in about 60 days. Model-worthy brows are in, and they are here to stay!


gorgeous girl edited

            RapidHair™ does what RapidLash does for your eyelashes. RapidHair uses a unique blend of ingredients that help to enhance the appearance of hair by delivering effective nutrients to the hair and scalp for naturally more beautiful, fuller-looking hair. The liquid foam is applies to targeted areas of the scalp over 4-8 weeks. The best thing about this hair product its easy use on wet OR dry hair! It makes daily use of RapidHair™ easy and manageable, because not many people wash their hair every day. Another awesome side effect- texture! While using RapidHair, I noticed that the when I massaged the foam into my scalp, it functioned similar to a dry shampoo or a light texturizing spray, increasing the look of volume and giving my hair the perfect appearance of perfectly tousled texture.

Happy 2016!

Catherine C., Lashing Out



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