Fall Hair 2015- Be Yourself, Gorgeous!

September 4, 2015

RapidLash® spent time this week chatting with Jeffrie Zampell, owner of Millennium Hair Studio about what is going to be hot for this fall. What we found is that there are a few fun trends for you to try, but this fall is all about being yourself and finding your own perfect personal style.


Fall Fashion & 70’s Hair Revival

Jeffrie says, “Hair always relates to fashion. Right now the bell bottom is making a huge comeback and that silhouette is changing everything! Now, it’s all about the 70s bohemian inspiration, the big hats, and a looser peasant look is in. You can still wear your skinny jeans but now pair it with a flowy top.

With this 70’s look we are still seeing the deep side-part and that heavy center-part. Another look currently trending is really long bangs that are right about chin length, so that they get that little sweep around the face. It almost gives a 70’s flip on the side but it is softer now. The beach hair that we were talking about in “Naturally Polished Summer Hair” is going to be happening all through the fall as well.”

The New Filtered Ombre

“One thing that is spot-on is that the ombre has definitely changed. It’s not about the bottom being a radical color different from the top now, it’s just filtering the color. So you are starting with a little depth at the top and filtering it down to have a lighter color edge or even to the bottom. Again, that trying too hard look of having half of your hair being black/blonde is DONE and GONE. We are going to look at it in a year and think ‘OMG that’s so 2014’.”

Pops of Vibrant Color

You’ll still seeing a lot of those bright crazy colors but that is a young vibe and the key here is staying age appropriate. It’s OK if you’re not 20 and you want to play with a teeny streak of lavender somewhere. A pop of color is fun.

Here’s the thing, says Jeffrie: “When you reach a certain age you don’t want to try too hard. When you look like you are trying too hard, that’s when it doesn’t work. The reason these trends work so perfectly on college-age people is because they don’t try at all. They throw it together with a hundred different things and that’s what makes it work. You want to keep everything minimal when you get a little older. It is great to play with stuff but just don’t go over the top.”


Stay True to YOU!

Whatever you do, make sure it goes with YOU, because if you can’t carry something off it’s not going to look good. It’s all about who you are and what your style is. Stay true to yourself. Playing with different looks is always fun and that’s what we want. What we don’t want to see is people feeling tied into the suburban boring – be true to YOU! Otherwise, you might leave your friends wondering “what were they thinking?!”

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