Summer to Fall Mode- BEAUTY EDITION

September 11, 2015

Subtle Ways to Change Your Beauty Platform from Summer Brights to Romantic Fall Tones


1. Home Base

shutterstock_280223162Remember strobing? It is time to update the look for fall-time. Mix your favorite moisturizing foundation with an illuminating moisturizer. This is a great way to roll with the highlighting trend without using a highlighting product by itself. Simply mix part moisturizer and part foundation to result in a dewy, controlled fall glow. You will reap the moisturizing benefits as well as achieve a perfect glow. Finish with a light finishing powder or concealer on the nose, around the mouth, and under the eyes to complete the finished look. Seen on runway shows this year, the moisturizing-foundation blend trend is a great way to target basic skin care needs all while achieving a polished yet youthful-looking base for day or night.

2. Make The Most Of Blush

shutterstock_287768228Marsala or deep burgundy is officially The Color of Fall 2015, and luckily, this tone looks complementary on every skin tone. One way to create a romantic, cohesive make-up look for day or night is to use your blush as part of your eyeshadow palate and as a lip stain. This is easiest achieved with a cream blush, however a powder blush can achieve a similar look with use of a primer. I had a pretty peach-gold cream blush for the summer, but will be buying a deep rosey hue to use this fall and winter. When using the blush on the eyes as a light base, less is more, and should be paired with a golden, brown, or tan to complete a subtle brown smokey eye. On the lips, you can pair your favorite lip balm for moisture. On the cheeks, make sure to hit the apples or just the crest of the cheek bones.

3. Pot EyeLiner+ Pointed Brush

shutterstock_236814967Though we all love a trusted pencil or retractable eyeliner, the pot eyeliner is a refreshing way to achieve simple day or night eye definition with a pointed brush. Using a Gel or pot eyeliner is also an active way to avoid an eyeliner pencil that dries out over time. Boo. Many of the gel/pot eyeliners come in a variety of colors, waterproof varieties, and prices, to accommodate anyone’s preferences. From an insider’s perspective, I always opt to use a brush for brow and eye work, as I tend to have an easier time dispersing product onto a specific area.

4. Stock The Brow Bar

shutterstock_280223204Three tools will tame your brows throughout the season: A clear brow gel, a brow comb, and a color filler. Your un-seen, secret weapon will be a quick RapidBrow® application in the morning and at night. A clear, quick-drying liquid serum, RapidBrow® Eyebrow Enhancing serum is a unique formula of conditioning, moisturizing, and fortifying ingredients that synergistically work to help improve the overall appearance of the eyebrows. All while using this consistently on the brows in the morning and night time (usable twice per day, my morning brow make-up application is a quick process. Coat and comb the brow hairs with my RapidBrow® and allow to dry. Then apply the clear brow fix gel, next apply my colored gel with my angled brush, and finally comb through once more for a final set. Bold brows are still on point this season, and I don’t anticipate that changing any time soon.

5. All Night Long

shutterstock_270642035Gorgeous marsala and burgundy tones will grace the lips and cheeks while keeping a soft eye fits perfectly for day, but for a nighttime look, I would find a fun deep burgundy liner to enhance the eyes for a deeper, even more sultry take on the brown smokey eye. While upping your eye game with deep burgundy and chocolate hues, I would take the Marsala/burgundy focus off the lips and would opt for a kissable nude lip. It is a seamless transition to go from a day to night look in this order!




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