Hair Styles That STOP Breakage

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August 24, 2015

Have You Been Hurting Your Hair With A Signature Style?

We already know tried and true tips to prevent hair breakage in between cuts. We abide by hair laws of washing less often, deep conditioning once a week, using a scalp serum like RapidHair™ Hair Volumizing Formula, and limiting heating tools during the styling process, BUT… after all is said and done, how should we actually style our hair in a way that best preserves the precious ends?

The most important guideline to remember is to try to move the hair off your face, so that you resist the urge to touch your strands with oils on your hands that are not healthy. Over-touching is an easy-to-fix culprit, and luckily, there are countless hairstyles to remedy this habit with! Small clips, fabric headbands, fabric hair ties, and bobby pins are all your friends. That’s leads us to another topic. Another culprit for hair breakage is styling your locks too tightly with certain clips or hair ties. This can be refined by taking up styles that are looser but still look refined for work or play and making sure to choose hair tools that are not too tight for your hair thickness! Try some of our favorites:

The Angie


This easy-to-achieve look is an easy way to pin back only the front pieces of hair that often get in the way, so that your hair is still loosely pined back and looks refined as ever. Also, note that pulling back damaged front pieces of hair automatically creates the illusion of fuller, more youthful, and healthier-looking hair, because you pulled it all toward the back.

The Elsa

shutterstock_248167549When achieved properly, this timeless braided style is acceptable for work or play! Choose a natural-colored band to blend with your hair color, and make sure you braid the hair loosely, to ensure the strands do not pull on the scalp. This hairstyle is a favorite of mine for keeping the ends from brushing excessively on fabrics we come in contact with throughout the day like our clothes, jackets, car seats, seat backs, and so forth.

The Selena

shutterstock_213443632This super-easy style achieves two purposes at once. It pulls the hair off our clothes, and delivers and immediate chic hairstyle for any length of hair. Variations are easy, as you can choose to braid the front, or the back end of the style. Pull that pony to the side, for a different take on the low-pony style.

The Natalie

shutterstock_87587773Though this look appears high-maintenance, the Natalie is easy to achieve with a few simple hair tools. Between a plastic hair clip and a few bobby pins, you should be able to pin up all the hair in the back and then tuck away the ends with bobby pins. This secures the ends so that they are not exposed at all!

The Ana

When going for a jog or doing work around the yard, opt for a ponytail braid or pigtail style. This is one of the best heavy-duty hairstyles that I choose when I’m doing activities where the hair is easily jostled. Do make sure you do not make the pigtails or the braids too tight, or the style could have the opposite effect as intended!

Fabric Hair Ties

shutterstock_133637063Around the house, make sure you have some fabric hair ties handy or even an old Scrunchie. NO shame. It turns out that these softer hair ties are a fabulous way to protect long strands from getting caught and torn out from the smaller, tighter hair ties that we opt to use during the day.

The Heidi

shutterstock_183444800Though we like- no LOVE- the look of buns, those often create split ends where they would not normally occur, so we threw them out of our daily arsenal of go-to hairstyles. However, for special occasions, by all means, try the Heidi or the high-and-tight Ariana!

shutterstock_216382309For a night out or for date nights let those beautiful tresses down. Your strands deserve to be shown off and admired after all the hard work to do to preserve them! After all, everything should be done in moderation, even moderation.


Finally, for an absolute no-fail way to tend to the scalp, the place of true importance when it comes to hair health, invest in a hair serum that is intended to nourish and volumize the appearance of the hair strands. Once such formula is RapidHair™,full of polypeptides and other vitamins. The unique blend of ingredients helps enhance the overall appearance of healthy, fuller-looking hair. Using a serum daily for the scalp is a great habit to start for taking care of your tresses.

Enjoy these styles and let us know your favorites using the #RapidHair and #hairstyle hashtags! Follow our accounts on Twitter, Instagram, facebook, and pinterest for the latest trends, tips, and promotions!




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