Makeup Tips for Gals with Glasses

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August 28, 2015

I started wearing hideous pink and blue eye-glasses in the 6th grade after continuous chalkboard squinting was noticed. I hated them but now that I am older I LOVE wearing glasses. They are the ultimate accessory for your face. I love that the right pair can make you look more intelligent or sexier. Think “Hot for Teacher”! There are few basic tips to keep in mind for mastering your makeup before you put on your frames.


The Most Important Factor- Master your technique!

Kelly of Bella Brides makeup says “for women who wear glasses there isn’t one set look that is perfect for everyone. It depends on your eye shape and the shape of your glasses. Since most glasses magnify the eyes make sure your makeup is well blended. It’s like putting a magnifying glass on your eyeshadow and liner technique, so blending is particularly important.”

Curl & Line ‘Em Up!

First thing’s first! Curl your lashes ladies! RapidLash® Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum lovers have shared that their lashes sometimes can bump into their specs. This is less likely to happen if your curl the before applying a mascara and eyeliner. The thicker frames, the more eyeliner you can get away with. The same goes for thin frames! If you have thinner frames, go with light lines.


For Glasses That Make Eyes Appear Smaller

“If your eyes appear smaller because of your glasses, you can make them standout by applying eyeliner all around your eyes. For younger Beauties, add a bit of shimmer to your lower lid or choose a smoky-eye! Add liner just to the top lid and you’ll see how beautiful your smoky eyes look behind your lenses,” advises Kelly.


For Glasses that Make Eyes Appear Larger

Kelly says, “If you already have big eyes and your glasses magnify your eyes you may not want to make your eyes look bigger with your makeup. Personally, when I am doing makeup on someone with this look, I like to do matte colors and liner with a little bit of a wing. I LOVE the look glasses with a wing and a thickening mascara.” If your eyes appear a lot bigger because of your glasses trying use lots of  liner to make your eyes appear smaller.”

For our Slightly Older Beauties,
Kelly’s final recommendation is that, “older women want to use a matte eye shadow. You want to avoid wearing a shimmer when you wearing glasses because it can magnifying any wrinkles.”

Do you love your glasses? Do you collect them and have a million pairs like some people collect earrings? Do you have questions about RapidLash? Contact us!

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Shannon C., Lashing Out


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