Have Yourself A RapidLash® Christmas!

December 18, 2015

Christmas is almost upon us! Do you also have that aunt, instructor, or distant relative that you just don’t know what to get them for the holidays? When in doubt, most people enjoy a little pampering. Here are a few reasons why RapidLash® (or RapidBrow®) make the perfect gift:


Compared to other brands of lash conditioners/enhancers, we’re one of the most affordable and, more importantly, effective. Check out our Before & After page as well as the clinical studies that have been done. If that’s not enough, check out some of our weekly Testimonials on our social media pages like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @realrapidlash. RapidLash® results are overwhelmingly positive with a very small percentage (<1%) of people who fail to get results.

new product junkie testimonial


RapidLash® and RapidBrow® are great for make-up minimalists or “maximalists”! For those who seldom wear make-up, our products are a safe, easy, natural way to enhance one’s lashes and brows. And for those who love make-up, these conditioners are sure to make your lash and brow routine quicker and even more bodacious than before. Our products are also safe and encouraged to use with lash or brow extensions. They are encouraged for use to enhance the appearance of the hairs in-between and during treatments.


The results are super-satisfying. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. When you consistently apply RapidLash®, RapidBrow®, or RapidHair™ over 4-8 weeks, you’ll find the results very much worth the wait and all the more satisfying.

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Many times I hear from RapidLash® users who have a story similar to mine. After about 5 weeks of using RapidLash® I was taking off my mascara one night and noticed that my lashes were twice as long as before. My personal results with RapidBrow® were also fabulous and noticeable in a short 2-3 weeks. Remember, everyone’s hair-cycles are a little different; some results occur faster than others.

Long-looking lashes and bold-appearing brows are very nice gifts to give! This is especially true for someone who has struggled with the appearance of their lash, brows, or hair. Make sure to look out for our specials throughout the holiday season. For spa and salon owners, make sure you have enough RapidLash® and RapidBrow® in stock to fill your orders!

Merry Christmas to all,

And to all a lashful & bold year!

Catherine C., Lashing Out



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