Traveling Beauty Essentials

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December 11, 2015

‘Tis the season for parties, decorating for Christmas and New Years, buying gifts for loved ones, and of course traveling to see said loved ones. Unfortunately the traveling part of the holidays can be a bit stressful and has the potential to wreck havoc on your beauty routine without appropriate planning. We’ve put together the list of beauty traveling essentials for the total glam girl that you are.

Break it down.

Hair Items

"I woke up like this..."

“I woke up like this…”

Just imagine your routine from start to finish. What exactly do you use? Find reusable traveling containers and fill them with your favorite products before your trip.

My hair travel items list:

  • Shampoo+ Conditioner
  • RapidHair™ Volumizing formula
    • This lightweight foam is a must-have for anybody who needs their hair to look fuller and more volumized. The formula gives amazing texture as well. It can be used in dry or wet hair, which is a major bonus.
  • Leave-in Conditioner
  • Hair Serum
  • (I usually leave the blow dryer if I know where I’m going has one)
  • Hair Straightener
  • Hair clips & bobby pins
  • Mini Hair comb
  • UV Protectant finishing spray
  • Occasionally my clip-in hair extensions

Make-Up Items


Beautiful bride with wedding makeup and hairstyle, attractive newlywed woman have final preparation for wedding. Bride waiting groom. Happy newlywed. Marriage. Wedding day moments. Bride makeup.

Again, imagine your routine from start to finish, and start prepping. My list is far too long to include in depth here, but my basics include a primer, foundation, contour tools, brushes, and eye make-up all stored in my chic, easy-to-travel-with case.

Skin Care Items


photo composition of brunette girl putting face cream on her face - isolated on white background

Skin Care is the toughest category to generalize because everyone’s morning and evening routine is a bit different. I recommend the same advice: visualize what you normally do, and pack accordingly! It is ideal to find travel sized items for your skin care needs, but finding reusable travel-sized cases may be a good solution as well.

My skin care travel list includes:

  • Make-up remover wipes, spa headband, and hair ties
  • Cleanser, Toner, Vitamin A Moisturizer, & Broad Spectrum SPF
  • Eye Cream, lip scrub, and cherry-colored lip balm
  • RapidLash® & RapidBrow®
    • I try to apply my RapidLash® & RapidBrow® at least 3-4 times a week as a maintenance application. Both enhancing formulas are filled with peptides, amino acids, and additional ingredients that work over time to make the lashes and brows fuller-looking, longer-looking, and healthy-looking. Applying the clear serums is my favorite and final step in my nighttime skin care routine.

I talk about the beauty “essentials” in this blog, but also do not forget items like mouthwash, deodorant, a toothbrush, contact/glasses, a sleep mask, ear plugs, and, most importantly, a bottle of water for constant hydration! Making sure your skin, lashes, and brows look healthy will help you sleep soundly on your way to your destination.


Do I need a separate bag to carry these items on my travels? Maybe. Is it 100% worth it? Yes!  To read more about how RapidLash® & RapidBrow® can be valuable additions to your nighttime regimen, read this. Don’t forget to follow RapidLash accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @realrapidlash, and Pinterest for the latest promotions, tips, & trends.

Happy travels, beauties!

Catherine C., Lashing Out



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