Now Hair This! Don’t Look Outdated!

December 9, 2014

Have you noticed the multitude of celebrity haircuts in the last several months? The majority of female celebs are going with shorter and edgier hair, but why?
RapidLash asked the renowned mane wizard, Jeffrie Zampell of Millennium Personal Spa & Hair Studio what he thought was going on and how we should proceed. As usual he had all the answers:

What’s up with short celeb tresses?

“These drastic cuts are happening because their hair is so damaged from extensions that it needs to be cut it off. People that still have long curled soap opera hair, look almost unmodern, which is funny since that look was hot only a year ago!” Ravaged hair can benefit exponentially from a solid cut and from the six beneficial ingredients in RapidHair® to revive the appearance of hair’s natural brilliance and volume.

Try the Long Bob

“Get away from the whole look with big hair and tons of extensions. The fun LOB or long bob grazes right below the shoulder. The look is current and easy and you are going to be seeing it for a while. The long bob is chic on its own but right now is the time to try something edgier if you are feeling daring.”

Go Asymmetrical or Undercut for an Edgier Look

“Asymmetrical hair and undercuts are everywhere. The asymmetrical bang or bob with one side shorter than the other looks very ‘right now’. Undercuts are created when the stylist cuts or buzzes a section underneath a longer haircut to create a shorter haircut which collapses, makes the hair appear shaggier and much more shattered. Think Demi Lovato.”

Get the Look at Any Age

“Twenty-to-thirty somethings that like a little edgier look should opt to give the undercut a try. For the 20-something, one look we love is undercut hair on one side, often with a buzzed section and a pop of funky color. People that are in their 40s and 50s can incorporate this look with a lot of really deep parting. This creates the look like an asymmetrical haircut when you don’t have one.”

Jeffrie! Thank you for keeping us looking civilized! Xo

Shannon C., Lashing Out


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