What is the Essence of Beauty?

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September 14, 2015

Breaking Down How Beauty Is Defined and Reached

Hair? The Eyes? Shape? Science would suggest a number of biological factors play into what different societies recognize as “beautiful.” Such factors include the waist-hip ratio, a symmetrical face, large facial features, youthful skin, and lush hair, although sometimes, it is the differences that really make each one of us stand out and create a unique type of beauty. Many of these beauty-associated factors are predetermined by the DNA passed down to us from our parents and their parents, however there are constantly improving innovations in the beauty world that are making known beauty-attributes attainable for anyone.

Tiny Waste

shutterstock_38232982After Spanx became a phenomenon in the garment industry, helping women achieve a slender, effortless look around the waste and thigh area, consumers have been craving innovations in this category ever since. Waist trainers have since risen in popularly at the top of Pinterest searches and among celebrity confessionals of how they achieve that eye-catching figure with the simple snap of a hook! Though these garments prove an immediate solution to achieving a slightly different waist-hip ratio, one must consider the possible risks of wearing these in excess and should take care to find an appropriate size. Used for day-time use only, wearing garments like these for appropriate amounts of time will ensure the safest way to an itty bitty waist. Never forget, healthy diet and exercise cannot be replaced with even the best cosmetic aids.

Smooth Skin

shutterstock_226695538Whether the skin is exposed on the legs, midsection, arms, or of course, the neck and face, everyone wants to keep healthy-looking, smooth skin for as long as possible! Despite the multitude of issues that affect healthy-looking skin for the face or body such as acne, dryness, hyperpigmentation, cellulite, excessive oiliness, wrinkles, thinning, and the list goes on, there are some target issues that can be addressed early on for preventative measures.

• Keeping the skin protected from UV is the first thing you will commonly hear from any skin professional. Make sure your sunscreen is broad spectrum, protective against both types of UV rays, and has a minimum sun-protection-factor of 30 plus!

• Next, ensure your skin stay hydrated! Apply a lotion immediately getting out of the shower and again throughout the day. Look for lotions that contain similar ingredients to your face moisturizers- hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, shea butter, and avocado or olive oils. The Egyptians famously took milk baths (Pss..Lactic acid) and indulged in oil treatments to maintain healthy-looking skin. There are many ingredients that are excellent for locking in moisture.

• Finally, take the time to exfoliate once in a while to rid the skin surface of dead skin cells. Find a gentle, yet safe exfoliator for the face and body to use once a week, especially on rougher areas of skin.

Long, Full Hair

shutterstock_254967397Though not all want hair down to their waist, everybody desires full-looking, healthy locks, especially around the time where hair starts to noticeably thin. Treating the scalp is the best thing someone can do preventatively or in reaction to troublesome symptoms such as styling abuse, dryness, thinning, redness, or a flakey scalp. Just as it is recommended to keep the skin on the body and face hydrated and stimulated, the scalp deserves the same attention to detail. Free tip: every time you shampoo, which should only be 2-3 times per week, give your scalp a nice massage. This will work to achieve a higher amount of blood flow to the hair follicles. Give your hair an effective conditioning treatment once a week. I use egg yolk and coconut oil, and it works wonders for my styled and highlighted hair.

shutterstock_289980845Hair extensions are another service some salons partake in. There are a number of various ways to adhere extensions to the hair itself, often entailing a large cost to the customer per hair strand. More general and easy-to-use clip-in extensions are becoming noticeably popular and made with increasingly better quality of Remy hair. While using these, it is even more important to tend to the hair and scalp and ensure the best possible environment for holding extensions. When washing, make sure to use gentle and hydrating products on your hair especially before using any heat. A hair treatment serum like RapidHair®, usable on wet or dry hair, will help to achieve noticeable differences in the appearance of healthy-looking hair. Dispersed as foam, it is easily applied with no mess or residue.

Fuller-looking Lips

shutterstock_251722837Everyone needs kissable lips and fear the day when aging starts making them appear less full as before. The best preventative measures and great gifts are lip scrubs and lip treatments and balms with UV protection. Scrubs are used to exfoliate the delicate skin of the lips, just as we need to exfoliate the body and face once a week. There are a number of hydrating, plumping lip treatments that will also work to enhance the appearance of nice, full puckers. Don’t forget, the lips need sun protection too! Luckily, there are many balms out there that are endowed with an SPF within the formula.

Glamorous Eyelashes

shutterstock_264405833In salons and spas around the country, lash extension services have proved a lucrative way to extend their current services. Fake eyelashes are often too intimidating for people to use themselves, so having an option for 2-3 week-long extensions adhered by their favorite spa delivers a service in high demand. Appealing to both young and more mature clients, extensions can be a little abusive to the eyelashes, hence a newer booming industry: lash conditioners, many usable in conjunction with extension services! Talk about up-selling! An Eyelash & EyeBrow serum such as RapidLash® is among salon favorites, lauding award-winning results, a gentle formula, an affordable price-tag, and is ophthalmologist and dermatologist approved. Watch clients clamor for more while indulging in lash extension services.

Healthy-looking Eyebrows

shutterstock_314752061Brow Bars are everything right now, as we have indulged in the bold brow trend for a few years now without any signs of it waning. The eyebrows are another sign of youth and vitality. With age and other biological factors playing a part, for many people, their eyebrows lose that umph over time. Luckily there are brow extension services, brow tinting, and brow conditioners that have come to market and are doing fabulously well to ensure clients walk away feeling happier about their facial symmetry and youthfulness than before. Brow extensions, similar to lash extensions, can be used in conjunction with RapidBrow or RapidLash, which will ensure the brow hairs are in the best-looking condition as a foundation for the extensions. We do, however, recommend using both formulas either before or after extensions services in order to preserve the longest life possible of the service. RapidBrow® is a formula specifically designed for eyebrow application with a larger application brush and brow conditioning benefits, making it more perfect for the supra-orbital regions. If you have a RapidLash® handy, apply it as a two-in-one on the both your lashes and eyebrows.

The eyebrows are arguably one of the most defining marks on the face. In fact, in a study, when showing participants a picture of a famous face, such as a president, to others with only their eyes missing in one version of the picture and one version with only their eyebrows missing, much more people mis-labled the famous face when the eyebrows were missing, as the face appeared markedly distorted when edited to have different eyebrows. We are reminded in selfies and pictures every day how much eyebrows and eyelashes can enhance the look of the face.

The Effect of the Beauty Industry


Beauty is marked in so many different ways, so whatever your concern is, there are probably remedies out there within a stone’s throw! Despite a common misconception that those working around beauty-oriented environments seek to point out others flaws, it is very much the opposite. We are in this industry to highlight the best in people and to bring out the potential for helping clients achieve the exact look that they want. The absolute best thing about being in this industry is seeing what a noticeable difference these services can make on a person’s confidence, attitude, and life satisfaction level, and I would bet any industry professional would agree.

Let us know if RapidLash®, RapidBrow®, or RapidHair™ is part of your beauty routine. Don’t forget to follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram, or Pinterest for the latest tips, trends, and steals.


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