Rock the Spiky Lash Trend

Are you a fan of the Spikey Lash or Doll Eye trends? This trend seems to be somewhere between Twiggy’s high-fashion “doll eyes” and 90’s Japaname. The easiest way to rock this trend is with regular use of RapidLash® Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum combined with the proper mascara and the correct technique. These “doll eyes” are a look that is totally over the top and super-hot for date night. Kelly Bruce, owner of Bella Brides Makeup tells us how to DIY.

Tone Down the Rest

“When you are wearing this lash-look, it is important that the rest of your makeup is toned down. You want to have natural-looking, shaped eyebrows and fresh-looking skin. Keep the focus on the doll lashes by keeping your eyeshadow simple with a soft neutral shadow, such as off-white or taupe. Use black or brown liner to apply a thin line close to the base of the lashes.

The Lashes are the STAR

“You can buy a mascara that is formulated to create this look (most big brands have one) or thickening mascara in combination with lengthening mascara.”


1. Curl your eyelashes. This will help to assure that your lashes are in the best position to be thoroughly coated with mascara.


2. Apply coats of thickening mascara to your lashes from all angles. Front and back and then side to side like windshield wipers. For further instruction of proper technique.” See: Mascara Application: Tilt, Press, Wiggle & Roll!

3. You can lightly dust the lashes with a little face powder in between coats to add extra oomph. You want to get as much fresh mascara onto the lashes as possible. Before the thickening mascara dries completely, use the lengthening mascara and wand tip to be sure the tips of your lashes are well coated.


Boost the Look

Take this lash-look to the next level with your lower lashes. Simply use liquid liner to apply tiny dots or thin lines to imitate lashes. Do you have tons of lashes? While the mascara is still tacky use tweezers to pinch small bunches of lash tips together on top and bottom lashes.”

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July 9, 2015