How NOT To Mess Up Beauty Extensions

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December 4, 2015

Research the Extension-Provider

Instagram is a useful tool when researching the work of a potential extension provider. Just like scoping out the work of a potential hair dresser, it can be helpful to view examples of extension jobs.

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“Your “I woke up like this” goal is within your reach.”


Location Comparisons

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Look up all the deals and specials in your area. Take advantage of holiday specials and first-time membership deals. Also, think about the location in which you’re looking. After all, just like home-buying, service costs often increase and decrease based on location.

If in Doubt…

Consider How You Can Save $

money savings

Mascara costs add up over time, just like that morning cup of Joe from Dunkin. The formulas are always improving: made to be more clump-free, have better-designed brushes, and are made to be less-smudgable. In marketing terms, that means they will be able to charge you more! A great way to offset your monthly mascara cost is to buy false lashes or extensions. That means you can forego mascara all together or you can do what I do- use waterproof mascara once a week.

“The result: fabulous lashes and major $ savings.”

Consider The Time Savings

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Mascara application and removal every day takes about 15 minutes total. Those are minutes that could be better spent talking to a friend, making a healthy meal, doing downward dog, or browsing pinterest!
Brow products are also no doubt time-costly. Brow tools are useful and continue to rise in popularity, so you still may want to contour your brows along with your extensions. But trust me, you won’t have to use as much of them if you’re using extensions or RapidBrow®, and you will save yourself a lot of time. No more spending 15 minutes making sure your brow lines are symmetrical.

Remember Behind-The-Scenes Hair Care is Easy

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What does this mean? It means even though professional extensions immediately give the appearance of full, thick, sexy, healthy hairs, you must still care for what you naturally have both in-between and during treatments. That’s where lash and brow conditioners come in and where RapidLash® and RapidBrow® has made real marks in improving the look of lash, brow, and hair in a natural way.

Extensions benefits are plentiful when done right. Enhanced beauty, confidence, and the time savings are priceless! Your “I woke up like this” goal is totally within your reach.

Catherine C., Lashing Out


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