Master the Art of the Wink

November 28, 2014

Some say the wink has fallen out of fashion but we beg to differ. Millions of RapidLash tubes are flying off the shelves and these women are working their sexy healthy-looking lashes to communicate in a number of ways. A wink can be flirty, friendly or an acknowledgment of an inside joke. People can be easily offended and winking can be a socially precarious behavior that may be interpreted any number of ways, so it takes some courage to do it. You need to know the difference between the winks. The wink is all about context. If it’s done properly it’s a delightful gesture.

Check Yourself…Before You Make People Uncomfortable

You may need to practice in the mirror to get it right. Try to relax your face to avoid squinting, making a weird face. When you feel that you look natural doing it, test out your winking technique on a friend. You’ll be able to determine your success or failure by their expression. Be patient, winking doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Always remember that a closed mouth wink is way more permissible.

The Friendly Wink

Friendly winks are the best. This lighthearted gesture can be used to let someone know that you got the joke or as a special way to communicate privately. Some people wink after making a sarcastic remark to establish a friendly personal understanding that creates a sense of camaraderie. Winks can be a way to let someone know that you support them or to simply say hello.

Flirty Winking

The right wink from the right person is like a rocket to the moon. I took an informal poll and found that most people enjoy it. Winking is an acceptable way of being cute and flirty without being all, ‘Hey, baby!’ Recognize the context of the situation, and deliver the appropriate wink. Note that if eye contact is made and held after the wink this may indicate romantic inclinations. Go for it!

Creepy Winking

Winking may have a bad rap from a more seedy type, but let my advice steer you away from the creepy wink. To be certain that you are not a creep, never wink at someone while they are with someone else. Also, keep the wink to one a customer. Multiple winks can seem aggressive or desperado. If someone winks at you more than twice, run away. Finally, never wink at the workplace. The value of the simple, innocent, friendly wink can be like a bomb in there.

Have FUN and Use Your Powers for Good!

We at RapidLash hope that only wonderful, fun or gasp-worthy winks are thrown your way. Start winking and enjoy the surprising looks and the winks you receive in return.

Shannon C., Lashing Out


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